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HPN Club Membership Features
Selling and Transfer

If any IA wants to sell or transfer his HPN Club rights in the name of third person he has to get permission from HPN Club or MDC. Sponsor of the IA and PA has to be present with the independent associate at the time of selling or transfer.

Ten percent of the present membership fees will be charged as administration fees of transfer the rights of HPN Club on the name of buyer or transferee.
Maintenance fees per year will be charged as per HPN Club law.

If any person want to sell his/her membership, he/she can sell after 18 month from the date of joining.

Note:- In the case of selling or transfer, All rights with business will be transfer to the name of the tranfree. Amended on 18.05.2009.

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Note :
  • Please pay annual maintenance charges before 31st of dec every year. Otherwise interest @ 36% per annum will be charged.(Maintanance charges Rs 200/- per month as per 01 April 2014)
  • In case of non payment of maintanance charges for three years, your club registration will be terminated.
  • Please make the payments of services used by you within 60 days from the date of Billing/Booking.

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